What we Do

You know your business better than anyone. We know how to grow it!
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Drawing on decades of senior level sales experience, our consulting team can evaluate, test and refine your go-to market strategy to make your sales more manageable, more repeatable, and exponentially more profitable as you grow.

With strong relationships with key customers in all major markets and over 25 years of sales experience, VCV can help you reach your goal.

We are here to help small to medium size companies take their products internationally. If you have a product that is sold successfully in the USA but have not had any success selling internationally, then VCV can help you.

We can review your item for marketing and sales feasibility. Once approved, we can help you sell to our key markets and customers.

If you are an international company that has a product working in your marketplace but want to penetrate the USA market, then VCV can help you, too.

We have partners who are vital to get your product launched in America.

Who we work with

VCV works only with the best customers and suppliers.
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At VCV International, we work with growing young USA companies that want to:

  • Expand their sales footprint
  • Open in new markets and territories
  • Accelerate revenue growth and profits

We work with several clients whose headquarters are outside of the US and have called on VCV to help them bring their products to market.

With our contacts and years of experience, we can help with the following:

  • Live Shopping
  • Retail Sales
  • Web / Internet Sales
  • Catalog Sales

We have partners who are vital to get your product launched in America.